Seisyu Kamata

Familiar with calligraphy since the age of five,
Believing that calligraphy has a healing effect,
Promoting his original “Color Brush Art”.
The image that the meaning of the kanji emits

About Color Brush Art®

Color Blush Art may refer to:

Color brush art refers to:
It is a technique of writing letters using a brush and watercolor paint or acrylic paint without using black ink.
For example, when expressing the kanji character "mountain", the scenery and color of the mountain,
By incorporating the scenes of each person, we express the image of "mountain",
When expressing the kanji character "water", by incorporating rivers, lakes, colors, and water-related scenes,
Expressing the image of "water".
In this way, by drawing together colors, scenery, scenes, etc. associated with the meaning of "kanji",
Color brush art, which expresses the depth of the written character "kanji", speaks directly to the heartstrings of Japan people.